Setting Sun


Setting Sun


The fiery orb set

upon the desert land

Spewing rose on

its tawny face

Like a horse’s mane

Its rays galloped

over the sands

Brushed a flurry

All bright

Then amber light

As onward marched

the hand of night

And shadows crawl

A candle nipped

And starry sky lit


Frances Leitch


Feeling that life is in nature’s palm, I have spun tales of life and the sea, desert, sun, and wild spaces since youth.  I’ve done poems, articles, short stories, public relations, and having a hobo spirit, traveled through 48 states and 17 countries.  In writing and sharing poetry, I hope to pass on nature’s wonder, a kernel of meaning, and feeling -- that pockets a bit of the sun.

 My poetry has been published in poetry magazines and literary journals, some of which are: The Archer, Lite, Poetry Now, Write On!!, Mysteries of the Lyric World, Baltimore Literary Newspaper, Sacramento Poetry Journal, Art Times Journal, Willard & Maple, Shemom, Free Xpres Sion, and Westward Quarterly, the later three of which I have been a featured writer in as well. 


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