Sand Stroll


Sand Stroll


Quiet it be

Strolling the land

of shifting sand

But for the chirp

of a cactus wren

winging to needles perch

Eyes meet

The hare beneath

creosote bush

A horned toad

sunning on rock top

Peace and calm

As the scorpion mom

climbs the saguaro

cactus furrows

Babes on back

In the quiet land

of sand fill worlds

Frances Leitch


Feeling that life is in nature’s palm, I have spun tales of life and the sea, desert, sun, and wild spaces since youth.  I’ve done poems, articles, short stories, public relations, and having a hobo spirit, traveled through 48 states and 17 countries.  In writing and sharing poetry, I hope to pass on nature’s wonder, a kernel of meaning, and feeling -- that pockets a bit of the sun.

 My poetry has been published in poetry magazines and literary journals, some of which are: The Archer, Lite, Poetry Now, Write On!!, Mysteries of the Lyric World, Baltimore Literary Newspaper, Sacramento Poetry Journal, Art Times Journal, Willard & Maple, Shemom, Free Xpres Sion, and Westward Quarterly, the latter three of which I have been a featured writer in as well. 


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