As Mine Eyes Swelled

 As Mine Eyes Swelled


Preacher-man locked eyes like the devil himself

had climbed through an ajar window, selected

the furthest pew from the pulpit he could find and

settled in for a listen what the God-man had to say.


Least that’s how his stare felt, like I were Legion

about to be cast into a herd of swine, forced

off a cliff and into the ocean to drown, them demons

who been warring on me this life; he just stared,


while talking but I couldn’t hear, something start

of the service announcing I gathered, pleading

silent with my own eyes he relent his gaze ‘fore

the rest of the congregation turned ‘round for a look.


Not sure what even I was doing here once more

having never before been in a church that felt like:

home, this time sure feeling something quite

the opposite as well; preacher just kept staring—

 Andrew Lafleche

Andrew Lafleche is the award-winning poet and author of No
Diplomacy, Ride, and Spring Summer, Winter, Fall. His work uses spoken
style language to blend social criticism, philosophical reflection,
explicit prose, and black comedy. Following his service as an infantry
soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, Lafleche received an M.A. in
Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Gloucestershire. He
lives on a farmstead in the Bonnechere Valley. Please visit or follow @AndrewLafleche on Twitter for more

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