Street Directory


Street Directory


Not so much the road not taken,

as the road not even seen,

until, years later, looking through

the street directory of your days

you realize there were other ways.


Tracing streets through several pages,

adjoining maps and fresh eyes reveal

a novel and appealing course

leading to a different destination,

more attractive than your present situation.


The main road, signposted and well-lit,

it seems that this was what your chose,

assuming, of course, that you chose.

Or did you, unthinking, just comply

and follow others, the by and by?


And, now, an impotent alarm

signals the sense of having lost

not something like your specs or keys,

but something greater, the rich reward

of a life examined and explored.


And yet, regret, even keenly felt

is nothing but a trick you play

with thoughts and maps and disappointments -

a ploy, a fraud, a fabrication,

a blue and pyrrhic compensation.



Bruce Greenhalgh


Bruce Greenhalgh lives in Adelaide, South Australia, where he reads, writes and occasionally recites poetry. A collection of his work has been published in Friendly Street Poets New Poets 19 with individual poems appearing in various anthologies and newspapers including the Weekend Australian and inDaily. He is yet to write a compelling bio.

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