For Liullian "Nena" Bird Canals


For Lillian “Nena” Bird Canals


We came from a line of writers,

thinkers, mathematicians, engineers, scientists, doctors

some of us lunatics, so often coupled with intelligence.

Even still, I fancied us modern Medicis,

you were no exception:


a clear mind, formidable presence,

the type of woman everyone listened to,

generous with a thunderous laugh

and you ate your steak bloody.


The best part was that you made my father squirm,

too much for his Napoleonic stature, radiating

the light and air women are born with

until we’re either defeated through concerted attack

or silenced with a prolonged muting of our music.

You were a hurricane—


until the Virus got you.


When you were gone, lightning struck the ground

next to my window, rattling the glass

at the crescendo of dawn and I knew.


You’re still making small men shake in Heaven.


Nicole Bird 

Nicole's work has appeared in the Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, Monadnock Underground, and Granfalloon (Canada), among others. Her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She’s currently at work revising a poetry collection, as well as honing her gluten-free baking skills. You can read more about Nicole at


  1. One of the best poems i read this year. I hope you win the Pushcart Prize.

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