The Coming of Fall


The Coming of Fall




The coming of fall

Waiting in anticipation

Of cool, crisp days

And golden hues

Mixed with yellow, orange and red

Fallen leaves and pine needles

Carpeting the ground

As the days shorten

And the night sky seems iridescent

Closets transform as wardrobes change

The earth tones of fall fabrics

Bringing comfort to the body and the soul

As the earth itself enwraps the season

And the energy of the world populations

From the lowest to highest forms of life

Prepare for the winter ahead

Yet still bask in the pleasures of fall

The comforts of the aromas of cooking

And pine scented air

The new beginnings of the seasonal life

Of cultural and societal transitions

Symbolized by the coming of fall

As the evening of the year

Flows gently forward

Like flocks of birds migrating

On the currents of fall

Wrapped in a blanket of crimson and gold

The seasons change

And the cool, crisp air

Floats over the landscape

Bringing harmony to the earth

And tranquility to life

With the coming of fall



Bruce Levine

Bruce Levine is a 2019 Pushcart Prize Poetry nominee, a 2021 Spillwords Press Awards winner and the Featured Writer in WestWard Quarterly Summer 2021. Over three hundred of his works are published on over twenty-five on-line journals including Ariel Chart, Spillwords, Literary Yard; in over seventy print books including Tipton Poetry Journal, Halcyon Days and Founder’s Favourites and his shows have been produced in New York and around the country. Visit him at


  1. most appropriate for the time and season. my favorite work.

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