Memories Are Better Than Facts


Memories Are Better Than Facts


Looking through photos of old boyfriends

Their names written on the back 


I remember them all

Well, most of them

Some more vividly than others

And I remember the fun we had together

Do they remember my name

When they look through their old photos

Am I remembered fondly



K.A. Williams

K. A. Williams has had poetry published in various magazines including Ariel Chart, Literary Yard, The Blotter, 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, Tigershark, and Calliope. She has self-published 3 poetry ebooks with Draft2Digital -

"Free Verse and Rhyme: A Poetry Collection", "Limericks and Other Humorous Poems" and "Scifaiku and Haiku: A Poetry Collection". She also writes fiction and has an Amazon Author Page


  1. Heartfelt and honest: memory is among the most fascinating faculties humans have, for better or worse,

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