preaching to the choir


preaching to the choir



I was talking

to this young kid today

at work,

and he was telling me

all about how

we need to break

out of this trap,

that we should be

following our dreams,

how we weren't made

to do this,

and so on

and so on.


I just laughed

and said,


I know."


but I didn't tell him

how people like us

will be working

until we're dead,

just so we can pay for

the Social Security benefits

of the same generation

that fucked us.



I didn't tell him

any of that.


I just didn't

have the heart to.


Gabriel Bates is a poet living in Tiffin, Ohio. His work has appeared in several publications, online and in print, such as Bold Monkey Review, Indian Periodical, The Rusty Truck, and The Rye Whiskey Review, among others. Keep up with him at

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