I Miss the Sun


I Miss the Sun


The ravenous rain ran down

From the porous skies

And caught us blind

When it exhibited it frown

To symbolize the vehemence of its reign.

We all missed the glowing sun

Before the mist came crawling down

To seize the gems of the morning.

With greed, the storm stole the radiance

To unleash its frame

And darken our realm.

With ease it aimed at whom to waylay.

Its need to maim peaked during its heyday.

It came with the aim

To claim the names of whom to maim;

The tempest put out our glowing flame

And severed the fervor

That enamors the soul

In need of a warm embrace.



Allan Shawa


Allan Shawa is a 28-year-old Zambian creative writer with a brief background in Short story, script, poetry and songwriting. He is a diploma holder in Procurement and supply, currently working as a Tutor in business studies. His hobbies include reading, writing, physical exercises, watching wrestling, etc. Allan hails from a country that dismisses creative writing as a viable art, however, his dream is to carve a living through writing.


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