downtown Los Angeles in the middle of the day



downtown Los Angeles in the middle of the day



Carl and i sit

on the grass in Pershing Square

    downtown Los Angeles

watching window washers

    on the 18th floor

    of a south facing building

and take discrete nips

off a fifth of Jack Daniel hidden

in a brown paper bag


Santa Ana winds

whip through concrete canyons

  bite our skin

bits of daily life swirl around in

  random cyclones gum up the works


the window washers sway and curse

when sudden gusts push through


carl laughs and takes another hit 


    it is midday

   on a Tuesday


  downtown Los Angeles

jacklyn henry


bio: jacklyn henry is a genderqueer writer based on the fringe of sanity, Los Angeles. she has had some success of late at: delicate friend, flying dodo, H S T, pink disco, cream scene carnival, and, in a different lifetime, ariel chart.

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