she sits waiting




she sits waiting


she sits waiting
silently as the world rushes by
  yellow taxis
  police cars
  a bus full of school children screaming
she sits waiting 
  for the right man
  or moment
  or perception or understanding
  or something that offers
  a meaning other than this
she sits waiting
  for the email to go through
  for a message to be answered
  for information and a response
she sits waiting 
  in the back chair of a classroom
  or church
  in her parents’ house
  a bedroom
  alone in the dark
she sits waiting 
  for a chance 
  for opportunity
  any place but here
  but it’s the same over there
she sits waiting
  for the next song
  program on the television
  commercial in the theatre
  indecent propositions on the internet
she sits waiting
  as a single tear
  trends down a line
  in her face that
  only remembers the beginning
  when waiting meant something
  other than this.


jacklyn henry

bio: jacklyn henry is a genderqueer writer based on the fringe of sanity, Los Angeles. she has had some success of late at: delicate friend, flying dodo, H S T, pink disco, cream scene carnival, and, in a different lifetime, ariel chart.

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