the world is going to end soon


the world is going to end soon.


I look up into the sky at night so there will be no darkness, just the blazing light of billions & billions of stars, all falling.


 this made me feel shaky & scared.

but this place is all have, I have nowhere else to run to. How there's oil in my soul but am split with dry skin.


the world is going to end soon.

 here, I fold myself in prayer

to not fall into spastic illness before the end of the world.  so I took my fountain pen

like a sky holding the moon like a womb bears a baby. 

and this is how I found myself in this poem

like a harbage plant, planted beside the river Niger


Ahmed Aminu


Ahmed Aminu, a young writer, poet, kwara state, kaiama. A graduate of government secondary school, kemanji, head boy. Currently teaching at alhikmah nursery and primary school, kemanji. my poems has been published or forthcoming in synchronized chaos, pine cone review, Ariel chart, and elsewhere.

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