No Ransom Left



No Ransom Left


Atom    heart of seed      splits   

green leaf      its rush

chlorophyll blasts the stem

light thickens

drawing in carbon

--to earth.


Children burst

from our wombs,

ransomed in afteryears

by mother tears.


Tracks    acid   speed

Cuts    smokes    pills


Hard to bear

our children's suicides

when they fail;


when they succeed.


Pills, pills, pills,

little seed spills--

pumped from

the gorged gut

in the nick of time,

exploding blood vessels

in veins

seeking life serum

gushing from eyes

nose mouth.


No pulse left

to tell the time

of day.

No day left

for mothers

who find their daughters

on the floor

in the blood

passed on for centuries

of daughters,

daughters who should be

mothers          not


Cordelia Hanemann


Cordelia Hanemann, writer and artist, currently co-hosts Summer Poets, a poetry critique group in Raleigh, NC. Professor emerita retired English professor, she conducts occasional poetry workshops and is active with youth poetry in the North Carolina Poetry Society. She is also a botanical illustrator and lover of all things botanical. She has published in Atlanta Review, Laurel ReviewAriel Chart and California Review; in numerous anthologies including best-selling Poems for the Ukraine and her chapbook. Her poems have been performed by the Strand Project, featured in select journals, won awards and been nominated for Pushcarts. She is now working on a novel about her Cajun roots. 

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