flurry of feathers

alfresco dining frenzy

feeder tilts sideways



periscoping heads

silhouettes in the surfline

back undercover



staccato sunbeams

Tunnel of Trees filtered light

overarching shade


scarlet happenings

a red-crested cardinal

flights of fancy soar



scattered meal remnants

no begrudging hungry birds

aggression ensues


Morning Chorus


wake us - fauna not flora

roustabout roosters



useless leg, red crest

damaged bird seeking handouts

wife feeds the broken


Rick Hartwell


Rick Hartwell is a retired middle school teacher (remember the hormonally-challenged?) living in Southern California with his wife of forty-seven years, Sally (upon whom he is emotionally, physically, and spiritually dependent), two grown children, a daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, and sixteen cats! Don’t ask. Like the Transcendentalists and William Blake, he believes that the instant contains eternity. He has been published in: Scarlet Leaf Review (nominated as Best of the Net, 2016), Birmingham Arts Magazine, The Cortland Review, Mused: Bella Online Literary Journal, Phenomenal Literature, Dual Coast Magazine, Kind of a Hurricane, Everyday Fiction, Everyday Poets, Poppy Road Review (selected as Best of the Net, 2011), Torrid Literature Journal (inducted into the Hall of Fame, 2013), Synchronized Chaos (nominated as Best of the Net, 2013), Leaves of Ink, and others, both print and online, as well as several anthologies. He can be reached at

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