Fiery Sunshine


Fiery Sunshine


bubbling out of the blankets through softly lit rays

sunseeker sparks at the morning view

she slips quietly over to sleeping mom

her love letter arriving with encircling arms


scampering down the stairs with purring fur

she greets the day barefoot; laughing now

secret fairy house glints hello from beneath the white sprinkled leaves

icicles hang wistfully; unhampered evidence of the changing


canvas moving forward in time

vibrant with joy; wild and free,

her unfiltered selfie shines

back from the warm spot on the pond

heart and glow stretching to the blue and beyond


Stephanie Ross


Stephanie Ross is a contributing writer to Ren Xue Americas Qiblog and has been published by journals such as Quail Bell and Surging Tide Magazines. Stephanie is a Yuan Qigong Master and certified Ren Xue Teacher and is passionate about her inner world as a lifetime adventure. Her life and writing came alive when she set sail for three and a half years in the South Pacific with her toddler and preschooler. She lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with her family and loves time in the rainforest. You may contact her through her website, Instagram or Facebook:  @stephanierossauthor

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