Distant Lands



Distant Lands


earth between my toes

loamy soil moisture cooling my feet

flaming midday sand awakening my pads

enraging tender insteps


land beckoning in the distance

across flat capped waves

glassy slickness inviting

boredom finding tranquility


cooled black tariness

century old lava cascading

over rock and doorstep

ebbing to a halt in space


one small sprout amidst blackness

fresh green tenderness emerging

four leaves and a stalk stretching upward

birthing life and optimism from darkness below


Stephanie Ross


Stephanie Ross is a contributing writer to Ren Xue Americas Qiblog and has been published by journals such as Quail Bell and Surging Tide Magazines. Stephanie is a Yuan Qigong Master and certified Ren Xue Teacher and is passionate about her inner world as a lifetime adventure. Her life and writing came alive when she set sail for three and a half years in the South Pacific with her toddler and preschooler. She lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with her family and loves time in the rainforest. You may contact her through her website stephanierossauthor.com, Instagram @stephanie.ross.author or Facebook:  @stephanierossauthor

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