Silent Walk Off



Silent Walk Off



I resolved to never write

dark poems. I know how bloody, &

broken my pen could go.

Like a crushed dog, lying on the highway, gasping.

That was what I told her

at the faculty. & I won't.


I never saw you , but

I sense I plucked you from a tree

I don't even know the title, when I had

first poured down a whole of me 

like a fall of rain to your dried soil.

Not just soaked me,


but I could see several reasons why

a boy needs his mother, than a

Pride of Barbados. He is a glass,

a vein, a definition that can be defined

as anything.


I remember I said it. But I needed why?

you cuddled your wings, left me at the peak

where feared.

I don't want to fall,


But even the needed mother is blurry & faint.


Daniel Akinyemi Oluwatoyese


Daniel Akinyemi Oluwatoyese is a young poet, fiction writer, artist and a public speaker from Nigeria.  As a writer, he strives to evoke emotions and through conversations through his work.

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