Past the End Times


Past the End Times


Love is a decision in the afternoon.

Gold flowers sunk in the arpeggiated lake,

sinking upward as the music melodies.

Sing the verbs down the line,

the soft falling-away of petals, the radiance

primeval in the mortal heaps, speaking

in mortal heaps bright-dead vocables

with bright-dead tongues worthless words

continuing the love decided on in dark days.



S.T. Brant

 S. T. Brant is a Las Vegas high school teacher. His debut collection Melody in Exile will be out in 2022. His work has appeared in numerous journals including Honest Ulsterman, EcoTheo, Timber, and Rain Taxi. You can reach him on his website at, Twitter: @terriblebinth, or Instagram: @shanelemagne.


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