Sonnet CVIII



 Sonnet CVIII


Confessional sin

Lace fringe roly-poly

Fate of the holy

Weasel rat twin

Quacking soul’s violin

Enormous irrelevancy lowly

Faintly scented solely

Spiritual conditional of gin

Elementary state of Apricots

Jess of sun-shade blindfold

Motley affairs of a robot

Deathless old

Alabaster silent Yacht

White flint glass gold

Limerick lace not

Musty treasures mold



Terry Brinkman


Terry has been painting for over forty-five years. Poems in Rue Scribe, Tiny Seed. Winamop, Snapdragon Journal, Poets Choice, Adelaide Magazine, Variant, the Writing Disorder, Ink Pantry, In Parentheses, Ariel Chat, New Ulster, Glove, and in Pamp-le-mousse, North Dakota Quarterly, Barzakh, Urban Arts, Wingless Dreamer, True Chili, LKMNDS and Elevation. 

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