Ear Rings


Ear Rings


Some of us name the colour of pearls

As leaves.

Pink as the sky density.

 finishing work

is soft as water under one’s feet.

In which year, peacocks became too old to be carved?

Leaves hang out

the tiny birds.

Sky seals those branches of polished metals.

They say it chain work.


Kitchens have no fragrances.

Scissors or forks

Looking alike, the silk thread is a plaything.

Lemons are sliced disproportionately

As a  child

 throwing off food.

Listening some inconsistent dialogue from the earphone.


In which year, you stopped looking at the name on birthday cake?

Listening the unfinished,

Is that

carved artwork.





  Jyothsnaphanija’s poems have most recently  appeared

and are forthcoming in  The Wise Owl,  The Hopper, Quail Bell,

Shotglass and others. Her first poetry collection Ceramic Evening was

out in 2016. Currently she is teaching English Literature at ARSD

College (University of Delhi), India. she blogs at




  1. love the lyrical palette of strong poetic vision

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