1984 is here.

There is no truth anymore,

just survival of the selfish

by lawyers and loopholes.

Worshipping at money altars

alters all that was once

humanistically sacred.

Few take pride in loving others.

Even fewer can feel anymore.

Only poets left to mourn

the losses of nature and books,

thought and conversations.

 Unimaginable nightmares loom

as tempers and temperatures rise,

as huge waves engulf all coasts.

Food and water are already

luxuries for animals and the poor.

Felled forests can't clean the air.

The sane lose all hope, their minds.

Christ's compassion is a joke

and no one cares as survival fades.

We were not good stewards

of self or anything living.

Laws protect no one

if there's no heart to obey them.

Our only chance now: heaven

if there is one, if anyone believes, 

if anyone is allowed to enter.



Susan Beverly

Susan Beverly is a solitary writer, artist & singer, who adores learning in most every discipline. She's currently working on a theory about black holes that combines conception, thanatology, botany, astrophysics, poetry analogies & quantum ideas. She has published in many genres worldwide, using nature as her quiet guide for thinking & feeling. She especially loves the trees in Maryland.


  1. a tour de force of philosophy and literary vision.

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