The Sun Fell


 The Sun Fell 


The sun rose.

On time and expected.

Into the horizon,

A vanishing light,

Soft summer wind,

Leaves goosebumps on skin.

Beads of sweat,

Drip down back,

Uncomfortable shudder.

The warmth fades,

With passing breeze.

Low light cast upon the water,

Tiny twinkles glide on small ripples,

Barley disrupting,

The surface of glass.

Pulled out,

A distant memory.

The still lake,

The desert sand,

Lost again.

A crane,

Preying on fish,

Broke  the illusion.

Now silhouetted, 

By the dimming dusk.

bobbed and strutted,

The hard target,

Up and down,

Side to side,

Sporadic and unpredictable.

watched the movement ,

Under water,

A minnow,


For its gullet.

Darting and turning,

A marine dodging fire,

Fearful and vulnerable,

Intense and focused,

Thrashed violently,

The mark,


As the sun fell,

On time and expected



Brody Hughes

Brody Hughes is a former infantry Marine that served in Iraq in 2006. He began writing poetry in 2008 after his father’s suicide, as a way to cope with PTSD and grief. In 2022, he began working as support staff at a local high school. An English teacher, Scott Cravens, encouraged him to share his work and has been an ever present supporter of his continuing growth as a writer and poet. Brody has found influence from such poets as, Dylan Thomas, Charles Burkowski, and W.S. Merwin. Though he  does not have any publishing credits, he takes great pride in his work.    


  1. This is amazing Brody! You are so talented.

  2. Thank you so much for the praise! I hope to be able to share more of my work. I’m truly thrilled you like it.

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