Reverie Redux



Reverie Redux



Fluorescent lighting

Hovering overhead

Transient groups

Outlining intervals

Of time in a tube

Multiscopic vision

Projecting data

To artificial intelligence

Cognitive memory

Enhancing realms

Infused with dogma

Telepathy based society

Filled with sensory channels

Telekinesis employed

To physical systems

Obviating interaction

Memory reassigned

To expressions

Relevance refuted

By simple equations

Distillation of thought

Portrayed by a single vowel


Bruce Levine


Bruce Levine is a Pushcart Prize Poetry nominee, Spillwords Press Awards winner, and a Featured Writer in WestWard Quarterly. Over three hundred of his works are published on over twenty-five on-line journals including Ariel Chart, Spillwords, Literary Yard; in over seventy print books including Tipton Poetry Journal, Halcyon Days and Founder’s Favourites and his shows have been produced in New York and around the country. Visit him at


  1. I love the rhythm and the vocal in this poem.

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