A Boy's Journey


A Boy’s Journey   


I watch him walk to the bus stop.

A backpack a bit too large

for his frame,

his running shoes

exactly like mine.


He pauses frequently

easily distracted.

A bee on a flower, an odd-shaped rock,

a cat sleeping in a lawn chair:

all capable of pulling him off course.


The school bus arrives, but a dirty tennis ball

at the curb captures him.

I call to him twice before he looks up.

I point at the bus that has swallowed

the last of the children in the line.


He runs to the bus, drops the ball,

stops to decide whether to retrieve it.

He abandons the ball

and climbs into the bus.


I envy the boy’s imagination.

I know reality will soon barge into his life.

But for now, let him to enjoy his

imaginary place.


That place where there are no streets,

only trails through mountains filled

with grizzlies, tigers and desperadoes.



Bruno Rescigna


My writing credits include: short stories published in Elysian Fields Quarterly and the Bucks County Writer, two one-act plays produced at the University of New Mexico. My poetry has been published by Arial Chart, Literary Yard, the annual issue of Tidewater. One of my poems was selected for reading at the 2023 Summertide Festival and will be displayed for 12 months on the grounds of the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. In addition, I was interviewed on the “Strength to Be Human” podcast hosted by Mark Rossi. Lastly, I was a finalist in 2021’s Tucson Festival of Books, a national poetry competition.

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