Transforming Nymph



Transforming Nymph

glint of morning
in the eyes of my daughter
as a nymph transforms
one thousand golden beads
upon a dragonfly’s wings

Moored Together

two seahorses
brace the storm surge tide
tails tethered
a testament to love
steadfast through life’s tests

Brief Beauty of Life

a bluewing
flutters in the autumn breeze
swept out with the leaves
so little time to share
life’s beauty while soaring

Enshrouding Mist

morning mist
shrouding mountain crater
in dawn-tinged haze
its flow of lava hidden
until burnished by the sun

Spring Snowmelt

spring snowmelt
feeds clear mountain stream
by the warmth of her smile
bubbling with kind spirit


Reuniting Currents

united once again
dad’s and mom’s ashes release
into mountain stream
as two circling hawks approach
drawn by unknown currents


 Douglas J. Lanzo


Doug is an award-winning author whose debut novel, The Year of the Bear, won the 2023 Ames Awards for Young Adult Books, was named a Finalist for the 2023 Hawthorne Prize and was a 2022 Firebird Award winner.  Doug’s poetry has been published in Ariel ChartChrysanthemumFrameless SkyFrogpondPresence and other distinguished literary journals and anthologies, 70 in all, across the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, England, Wales, Austria, Mauritius, India, Japan and Australia.  He and his haiku poet twin sons enjoy nature, fishing, tennis, snorkeling and hiking.  His Author’s website is at

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