Perfect Prose Poem


Perfect Prose Poem

I can't believe my daughter became sick from sleep deprivation in college. I can't believe she went off her meds when I couldn't see her because of Covid. I can't believe no hospital has been able to help her long enough for her to feel better again. I can't believe my daughter's illness got so bad that a policeman had to tase her. I can't believe my daughter is now homeless because of her illness. I can't believe my daughter is in prison because of her illness.  I can't believe the HIPPA laws have kept me from helping her. I can't sleep anymore because I know in prison she can be raped or killed or commit suicide because she doesn't have bail to get out ($1500) until her trial October 5th. She should be in a hospital! I can't believe my disability & lack of decent transportation keeps me from seeing her. I can't believe her father has abandoned her completely. I can't believe that 8 short months ago she was fine, that a counselor said she was so good she should quit counseling. I can't believe a psychiatrist nurse practitioner lowered her meds so much & didn't follow up to make sure she was okay. Because she wasn't, & still isn't. I can't believe my intelligent, compassionate daughter who always knew the difference between her delusions & reality is now totally out of touch with reality, unable to feed, bathe, clothe or protect herself. I can't believe her dad, the medical & legal systems & I have failed her. I'm awake every night now wondering if I'll ever see her alive again, or if anyone will ever help her regain her sanity & stability. She didn't ask for this. She didn't deserve this. I can't believe what's happened to her. Can you?

Susan Beverly

Susan Beverly MLA has been writing for decades. She's working on a memoir of short stories about her mom & is an advocate for the mentally ill. She also is a trained Climate Reality leader & loves the elderly, & students of all ages. She lives in Maryland, USA with her cat Foggy at Sweetspot Arts & Wellness.


  1. incredible indictment on the anti-family policies of america

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