She grabs handfuls of flesh

and wishes her palms empty,


She desires a time machine,

a meet cute with Michelangelo,

a plea to be chiseled into something worth seeing,


He finds her in front of the mirror,

grabs handfuls of her flesh,

declares it delicious,


he prays she find a Time Machine,

a chance forward to see the light,


he wishes her body to learn

her mind is not right



Konrad Ehresman


Konrad Ehresman is a creative living on the central coast of California, his works can be found Bluffington University:The Bridge, You Might Need to Hear This, and has work forthcoming in The Mocking Owl Roost. When he isn't typing away incessantly or reading anything he can get his hands on, he can be found baking far too much bread and being a general nuisance.

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