Sea Breeze Magic


Sea Breeze Magic


Sounds of traffic, Humans being Busy

mix with the night’s first stir of sea air and together

become coastal melodies behind Marconi’s jazz mastery:

Kessel’s ‘Spontaneous Combustion’, with waves.

Night’s magic, to soothe summer’s heat.


You sleep; I watch as your dream wraps around you

and carries you along within its magic. The jazz orchestrates

each time I touch and your every turn

with cool blues and greens

sea tones gently softened by the salty zephyr.


I watch; you smile in your dream and your breath lilts ‘love’.

Perhaps you sense me, feel me so close beside you.

Perhaps it is I that walks beside you in your soft dream

along glistening evening sands, arm in arm.

But perhaps not.


Am I ever to know, do I dare to learn

into whose arms sleep takes you? Are your completely mine

or is there a stranger, just beyond

another soul come into your dreams to color your sleep

and bring a taste of drama to night’s soft carriage.


Then let this traffic purr.

Bring in the wisps of night air

and I will believe it is the Sea that has come to visit you, this night.

Dream deep, my love, of sea breeze magic and blue-green jazz.

Smile, sigh, and stay wrapped in your mystery beside me.


I want you sea breeze fresh

fully alive and unsullied by my close and clinging desire.

I’ll not touch enough to awaken you, not in tonight’s mystery dream

not with this lilting background of the sea, the traffic and the jazz.

I shall not steal your fire.


Michael Theroux


Michael Theroux writes from Northern California. His deeply published career has spanned botanist, environmental health specialist, green energy developer and resource recovery web site editor. Entering the creative writing field late in life at 72, Michael is now seeking publication of his cache of art writings which include two novels and perhaps 400 poems and short stories. Some of his shorter works may be found in Down in the Dirt, Ariel Chart, 50WS, Academy of the Heart and Mind, CafeLit, Poetry Pacific, Last Leaves, Backwards Trajectory, Small Wonders, The Acedian Review and the Lothlorien Poetry Journal.

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