Rope Swing


Rope Swing


In the brook’s spate, spitting - angry as me

the twisted end knot, spurred and snagged


Warm summer days, the rope swing swayed

bank to wall top, bombing the pool of laughter


un-still, endless branch-tied sinuous joy

full of youth, I gave you all a hank of fun


Short frayed sisal, now rots and swings gently

silent as you, my torment image

dripping - in the noose.


Andrew Collinson


Andrew Collinson attended Clitheroe Royal Grammar School near where his family farmed, now an engineer, the scenic Lancashire village of Sabden is home.

Landscapes, the farm, nature, weather, man’s destruction, local history & dialect all inspire his writing. New Context 5, Northern Counties Collection, Pendle War Poetry, Networds & Plumb Tree Tavern all exhibit Andrews work.

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