Scoop Jackson reported to his editor, who immediately chastised him for failing to put the adjective "front-runner" with Donald Trump's name in his latest article.

"You know this is standard industry policy," the editor shouted at the young ginger-headed newsman.

"But, sir, the first primary is months away, and the former president's lead is in polls only."

"Yeah, potato brain, and right now, that is all that matters."

"But that is hardly fair to the other candidates. It's like using the polls to show favoritism. "Besides, did we not learn anything about the fallacy of polls in 2016?"

The gray-headed man behind the desk took off his glasses and leaned forward in his chair.

"OK, let me see if I can get through the naïve fog in your head, kid. We all want Trump to get the nomination. The man is good copy for us and plays very well with television news. A Trump/Biden rematch will bring us more readers and viewers for the television."

"But Nikki Haley is excelling in the debates, and some think she would make a good first woman president."

"Listen, son, we don't care about a person's qualifications. We care about readership.   Competence and skill are not what the American people want to see in a campaign. They want the drama, the tension, and the lies that only Donald Trump can manufacture. An election is a reality show with only two guys on the island. More than two confuses the voters.

"But this shouldn't be about the contest, but about who is the right person for the job."

OK, you Jimmy Olsen wannabe. This ain't about truth and justice. It is about the American way of life. Put "front-runner" with Trump's name on your next piece or find work elsewhere. And another thing. I don't see the word' whopping ' anywhere in your article. Trump's lead is ' whopping'. All the news outlets say this."

Scoop Jackson returned to his desk and began composing a new article on the Republican candidates.

"Today, Donald Trump, the criminal indictments front-runner with a whopping number of charges against him, arrived in Iowa. The debate front-runner Nikki Haley is in her home state of South Carolina, and the Trump-bashing front-runner Chris Christie was seen in a Disney Store, buying a whopping number of Donald Duck T-shirts."


Steve Bailey


Steve Bailey is a retired history teacher. For the last three years, he has been a freelance writer. His work has appeared in Ariel Chart, Commuter Lit, The Bookends Review, 101 Words, The Paper Dragon, and others. His work has appeared in anthologies, and he has self-published a novel. Steve has a complete list of his published works on his website, 

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