New Bronze



New Bronzes


Arched hooves of demons,

skin as silk or leather

wearing constraining vesture.


Worshipping black crosses,

a series of other vulgar effigies.

A bowing intoxication to pitch,

unsaintly indifference to anger burning.


Contemporary statuaries,

dark with the stain of blood,

their legacy carved on corrupt hearts.


Their deception exists in their own psyche

and de-evolves beyond.

It’s easy to pinpoint their fallacies.


Thieves at work,

found in the latitudes of torments drawn down.

All seasons thick 

with the suicide of broken hearts,

terrified with shock.


The crude quarantine of salvation,

nothing but distaste for the councils of heaven.

Occult power desired,

and a new age with new bronzes stands,

where that once beatified is dead.


New Bronzes will stand 

until man finds new mettle

and a more dauntless spirit.


Linda Imbler


Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include seven published paperbacks: Big Questions, Little Sleep First Edition, Big Questions, Little Sleep Second Edition; 

Lost and Found; Red Is The Sunrise; Bus Lights; Travel Sight; Spica’s Frequency; Doubt and Truth; and A Mad Dance.  Soma Publishing has published her 

four e-book collections, The Sea’s Secret Song; Pairings, a hybrid of short fiction and poetry; That Fifth Element; and Per Quindecim. Examples of Linda’s poetry 

and a listing of publications can be found at

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