Sunflowers Unintelligible



Sunflowers Unintelligible


The universe before sin – before commentary…

-EM Cioran


The sunflowers, once upright,

are now bowed.

Their leaves, once tabards,

are now rows of capes protecting hunchbacks.

Their faces still look at the ground,

and birds pick at the seeds.


The asemic whorls of those seeds.

The asemic lines on their shells.

The patterns on the shells hidden inside their throngs.

Plenitude and information, totally organized,

impossible to decipher.


The knowledge of those patterns,

aware they exist,

the information without message and impossible to reply,

(except for the asemic typing responses of birds):

nutritious erasures.


And the leaves are so reflective,

their dark greens turned to silver blazes,

the day before they retire their sap.

Terry Trowbridge


Bio: Researcher Terry Trowbridge’s poems are in Pennsylvania Literary JournalCarouselLascaux ReviewKolkata Arts, Leere MitteuntetheredSnakeskin PoetryProgenitorNashwaak ReviewOrbisPinholeBig Windows, Muleskinner, Brittle StarMathematical IntelligencerJournal of Humanistic MathematicsNew NoteHearth and CoffinSynchronized ChaosIndian PeriodicalDelta Poetry ReviewLiterary Veganism and more. His lit crit is in BeZineErato, Amsterdam ReviewArielBritish Columbia ReviewHamilton Arts & LettersEpistemeStudies in Social JusticeRampike, and The /t3mz/ Review. Terry is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for his first writing grant.


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