A List of Horrors



A List of Horrors 



morning breaking

Simchat Torah holiday

making love



bathing, dressing, eating, changing


A morning like any other.




Shouts, noise, confusion, shouts getting closer,

doors kicked, masked men, shouts

shoving, pushing, knocking,

kicking, shooting, shelling, fetus

yanked from mother

burning alive 

still clinging to it.


Silence, lull, laughing, eating, boasting,

raping, burning, killing, bragging,

chopping, beheading, kidnapping.


Desert, concert, music, dancing, 

rockets, paraglides, motorbikes,

machine guns, masked


chasing, pushing, blood


raping, shooting, taking, spitting

bomb shelters (where???)

grenades, bodies, blood.







Twenty twenty-three

Didn’t we promise

Never again?


Alexandra Goodwin


Alexandra Goodwin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to the United States during the 1970s. She used to live under her mango tree in Florida where her desk is but since October 7 she has moved to safer quarters. She hopes to have captured the feeling of despair and fragmentation in this List of Horrors.

Her essays and poems have appeared in Ariel Chart, The Centifictionist, Loch Raven Review, Stick Figure Poetry Quarterly, Verse-Virtual, The Miami Herald and three issues of the Personal Story Publishing Project. She’s the author of Whispers of the Soul, Exchange at the Border, What Color is Your Haiku?, and Caleidoscopio

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