Heaven and Hell


Heaven and Hell


Silence fills the air,

as I sit, alone,

among endless rows of graves.


I wish for heartbeats,

for laughter,

for tears.


I miss the noise.


But I know that I can't have it.


I can hear the footsteps of the living,

but there's no sound for me.


Silence surrounds me,

as I lay in my own void,

a void of life,

eternal and silent.


I will never know happiness again.


But I accept it,

lying here, alone,

among endless rows of graves.


It was fun being dead for a while,

to feel the quiet

and the peace.

I thought hell would have fire and brimstone,

but I guess that's only what they tell us.



I'm moving on now,

accepting my reality.

And I know that one day,

I'll find my meaning,

In the cold abyss.


But for now, all I have is silence,

a silence that never ends.


And I bet there's fire in heaven.


Claudia Wysocky,


Claudia Wysocky, a Polish poet based now in New York, is known for her ability to capture the beauty of life through rich descriptions in her writing. She firmly believes that art has the potential to inspire positive change. With over five years of experience in fiction writing, Claudia has had her poems published in local newspapers and magazines. For her, writing is an endless journey and a powerful source of motivation.

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