The Winter Solstice



The Winter Solstice



Frozen embers

Icicles outlining

The skyline of cities

Rooftops covered with snow

Drifts blown across highways

Festooning the landscape

In marshmallow white

While barren fields

That once grew corn

Reaching for the sky

Replaced with snow mountains

A skier’s paradise

Singing a new refrain

Of winter’s melodies

Carved from the frozen embers

Like prehistoric amber

Encasing fossils

Branding the days and nights

With winter’s insignia

Of icicle sculptures

Molded into family crests

And holly trees

Burgeoning with berries

Red and green

Against the white snow

Proclaiming the winter solstice

Moving forward

Toward the new year


 Bruce Levine

Bruce Levine is a Pushcart Prize poetry nominee, a Spillwords Press Awards winner, and a Featured Writer in WestWard Quarterly. Over three hundred of his works are published on over twenty-five on-line journals including Ariel Chart, Literary Yard, 5-7-5 Haiku Journal: over seventy print anthologies including Tipton Poetry Journal, Poets’ Espresso Review, WestWard Quarterly, and the chapbook Sweet Dreams. He is also a classical composer. Visit him at

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