Tortured Souls


Tortured Souls



Tortured souls

No one knows

The mental distortions

Traumas in motion

Trying to survive

Telling distorted lies


Tortured souls

Only they know

The monstrous ghouls

Sad hopeless fools

Tearing away

At God's molded clay


Tortured souls

Broken trying to be whole

The nightmares are real

The babies try not to feel

The beast that took their childhood

The poor fractured mind

Can't go back in time.


Tortured souls

Only God knows

How to mend them

How to free them

Where do they go

Why do they go

Sadly only they know.


Mary Jo Hart

Mary "Jo" Gray Cox is a mother of three, grandmother of three, and a massage therapist.  She lives in Waco Texas and was born in Texas City. She has always dabbled with words her entire life. At 63, she is writing down her poetry in hopes of creating a few books. Here is a playful poem she wrote for someone special. This is her first publication.

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