Liquor Memoir


Liquor Memoir


When it switched to swallowing me

innocence became liquid


sick became normal

green vomit holding my hand


My child noted--hardened her eyes

My wife poured out the front door


How long it took for me until

my life corked the bottle


How lucky I felt beside those who didn’t

How old age mellowed the pour of life


When one drink now allows

smooth sips of comfort at the end.



Vern Fein


A recent octogenarian, Vern Fein, has published over 300 poems and short prose pieces in over 100 different sites. A few are: Gyroscope Review, Young Raven’s Review, Bindweed, *82 Review, River And South, Grey Sparrow Journal, and Ariel Chart.  His second poetry book—REFLECTION ON DOTS—was just released. His Muse is the entire world of poetry.

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