Suicide of a Revengeful Being


Suicide of a Revengeful Being


the feelings of insult, grief and anger

following the suicide of the raped sister

It grows as an embryo in king cobra

And within a few days

             it’s a mature revengeful being

then it breaks its eggshell and comes out

The being is clever, visionary, and determined

With the eyes of king cobra

                          he looks for the rapist

The rapist is far from his reach, armed

and protected on a mountain peak.

Then to take revenge he should have

a brute spirit for that dangerous path

for that, he needs the blood of women

children and beauty. In Bloodthirsty Dracula time

he has no option. Climbing up the hill

towards his target, he gets a young woman

he tore her virginity and drinks the blood

Her offended elder brother too

                           rushes to him for revenge

But by then he is also armed and protected

revengeful marksman’s conscience, love,

kindness died long ago, now no one knows him

even as a revengeful being anymore, he’s a Demon

But revengeful being is still in revengeful being

For forty years he has been scaling the mountain

And searching for the opportunity

to penetrate the target—at last, he gets the chance

right now, not by firearm, the revengeful would

strike his knife with own hand, and the blooded

sex-terrorist will fall at the foot of the mountain

But suddenly from nowhere, a bullet

                                     penetrates his target

It’s who made all his efforts, pursued futile

The blooded criminal is rolling down after being hunted

Revengeful stands on the hilltop, frustrated, depressed

All his sacrifices and arrangements gone in vain.

Will the revengeful go back to his home become placid

But how, why he would live, there’s not his dear sister

Or no one is waiting for him: nothing he could have

done with this life, even would not

He looks down, all around—damn it, shit...

There’s also his raped woman’s brother, targeting him

with firearm—he can’t be a victim of revenge

He jumps from the mountain peak

Humayun Malik

Humayun Malik is a Bangladeshi writer. His writings are published in local and international literary magazines, little magazines, and daily newspapers’ literary pages.  Malik is the author of 10 Novels and 11 short story books published by Bangladeshi publishers. His English short fiction book “The Mythology of Decaying People” is ready to publish. He received a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree from Dhaka University. Once he was a government officer, now he is a lawyer. Prize: Fair and Lovely Prize—2001, Daily News Paper Literary Award—2002, Fiction Writer’s Center Award—2012.


  1. Malik is a prominent writer in Bangladesh. He has done some markful literary works especially in short story and novel. Now his poetry is being published in international journal. Its a nice poetry.

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