Surviving the Raw Storm



Surviving the Raw Storm



They were once at the mercy of the weather,

deeply deplored,

quickly drawn into 

a sordid background

that might resemble thunder.


People of many forms,

singing sentiments that inspire

those finding refuge,

standing as champions,

still, strong, and blameless

as the night advances.


They’re now only in danger 

in the company of cowards.



Linda Imbler



Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include nine published paperbacks: Big Questions, Little Sleep First Edition, Big Questions, Little Sleep Second Edition; Lost and Found; Red Is The Sunrise; Bus Lights; Travel Sight; Spica’s Frequency; Doubt and Truth; A Mad Dance; and Twelvemonth..  Soma Publishing has published her four e-book collections, The Sea’s Secret Song; Pairings, a hybrid of short fiction and poetry; That Fifth Element; and Per Quindecim. Examples of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at 

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