I can't stay in a place for too long

I get attached too easily

And it's harder for me to move on

I remember every moment

I remember all the memories made

And I worry

If I leave

Won't it all fade?

I can hear myself laughing

With all my friends

Listening to songs

Sitting on the terrace

I can see their smile, so wide

That for a brief moment

I don't remember the cause of my worries

I wish to pause these moments for eternity

I wish if we can still remain this happy

I wish that all that seems to slip from my hand can stay for a while

And for a brief moment of my time

I can travel back to this same period of time

And I will keep coming back

Again and again

Does it make sense?

To be so happy, with some people

That you have just met

And I know nothing lasts forever

And everything changes with time

But why is it that my stupid heart seems to be the only exception, every single time?

I too want to move on

I too want to leave

But I am afraid to leave these memories behind

As even when no one is around

I am still there

To come up to the terrace once in a while

And see all these moments like a movie in my head

But I worry once I leave

The atoms will change and I won't breathe the same

The air that witnessed all these cute frames

So here I sit

Reminiscing the past

Wondering if the memories that I remember will last

And there's a deep feeling

A longing for the past.



Payal Kudesia

 Most of my poems are about the way I feel. But it's not just limited to that, whomever I have shared my work, they can relate to it in one way or another. I hope the readers can understand the pain behind the words, and my poems touch them in a way that heals the part of them that they have not shown to anyone or are afraid to do so. I hope everyone suffering with their mental health can find some comfort through my poetries. I am always open to constructive criticism and feedback.

 Ariel Chart is her first publishing credit.


  1. Very relatable took me back in time to friends and had me reminiscing about those sweet memories

  2. Poet's writing is very comforting touches heart

  3. Good friends are a delight to cherish

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