The Tectonic Shift



The Tectonic Shift


It happened slowly,

a continent became a peninsula—

earth drowned by water.

A drop here, monsoon there

enough to flood and submerge

one side of you

away from me.

The first time I noticed

the canal broke—your hand

slipped from mine,

a rush of seismic energy:

no throughway between us

once the land mass erupted.

After that we were an archipelago

rooted in the same sea.

Your cliffs tower in the distance,


All through the night

I watched you volcano,

your magma giving way to lush land.

Fertile ground—

someone else’s harvest.

Nicole Bird

Nicole Bird is a Pushcart Nominated
writer and poet with credits in Ariel Chart, Granfalloon (Canada) and Indian Periodical (India)

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