Radical Days



Radical Days


A little girl drowned on a ship in 1473,

bleached bones picked clean by sharks,

cannot undigest or restore herself.

Humans have created so much—

from bombs to symphonies,

from plagues to vaccines,

but cannot overcome death,

cannot escape the grave themselves.


When did it turn for me in my radical days,

the years when I tried to save mankind? 

Turned when I figured people could not save us.

Outside interventions, only a god,

aliens seem never to find us.

Man cannot climb out of the grave.

Has to be lifted out—not by grave robbers,

but by a power beyond humans.


I ask you—who might that be?


Vern Fein


A recent octogenarian, Vern Fein, has published over 300 poems and short prose pieces in over 100 different sites. A few are: Gyroscope Review, Young Raven’s Review, Bindweed, *82 Review, River And South, Grey Sparrow Journal, and Ariel Chart.  His second poetry book—REFLECTION ON DOTS—was just released. His Muse is the entire world of poetry.

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