Joan of Arc


Joan of Arc


Did visions appear?

Saints speak to her?

Michael, Catherine, Margaret—

sent from God?

Urge a twelve year old

maiden to sacrifice herself,

boldly lead the army

of France to victory?

Pyrrhic for her,

Joan burned,

only nineteen.

Did she see angels,

the smoke of her body

waft toward Heaven?

Faith put her feet

in the fire.


Vern Fein


A recent octogenarian, Vern Fein, has published over 300 poems and short prose pieces in over 100 different sites. A few are: Gyroscope Review, Young Raven’s Review, Bindweed, *82 Review, River And South, Grey Sparrow Journal, and Ariel Chart.  His second poetry book—REFLECTION ON DOTS—was just released. His Muse is the entire world of poetry.

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