Remembrance of Treats Passed


Remembrance of Treats Passed


The aroma of cheap, instant coffee

And stale biscuits that make

False claim to be French,

Breathes life into the sleepy

Neurons of my visual memory,

A painting in the portrait gallery

Of my mind, for years unseen,

Its invisible power incites

A quantum leap of the senses

Back to my first twelve-step meeting,

A remembrance of treats passed,

Of conversations sidestepped,

Of eye contact stonewalled, amidst a 

Chorus of chatter, I hover just above

My seat, ready to dart to the exit

Should I be asked to speak,

Never had I heard such honest tales,

Somehow sprung forth from what must

Have been the most pained of lips,

Dried out by alcohol droughts, 

Of bedwetting, thievery, nights in

Police cells and weeks in asylums,

At last, my conscience avows,

I’ve arrived


Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is a breakthrough English poet. He writes about alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness and religious transformation. He shares his writing at”


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