Weird Celebration


Through  a weird dream,

Let's welcome the girl child.....

A dream amidst nightmare,

A boldness amidst bondage,

A life to live,

To celebrate........

Uncertainty engulfs us,

Swallows us like a whale.

The dragon belches its fire

To rape the world,

With violence and terrorism.

In the midst of all

Blooms the bud of womanhood......

In her humdrum

She smells a heaven

On earth.....

Leaving all her feminine acrimony,

She comes and goes

Hoping for the best;

Yet to come.......

But a weird dream

Still murders the reality.

As she carries in her

The seeds of decay.



 Payel Ganguly

Ms. Payel Ganguly, is a teacher educator by profession who possesses MA(English), MA (Education) & B.Ed degrees. She is a poet, a textile designer, a painter and a creative writer by passion. She holds 7 International Awards for Painting and her creative writings got published in reputed journals. Her areas of interest are Gender Studies, disability and motivational poetry.

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