In Dreams

In Dreams


Feel the acid burning through crystalline veins,

if only to escape this translucent sound, piano

and oboe fizzle then fade, let us collapse this

drama laden, blue infused dream.


Come and crescendo, in the pub on the loch,

saxophone and tumble-down, whiskey kisses

within these dilapidated dreams.


By the church on Kirk Street, Dunoon dreams

of bleeding wildfire façade, Scotland; sailing

ships pumping arteries, bleeding this blood, into

the streamlined halls of shame.


Here we fade back into the past, it is there you

were lost to me, back when times were more simple

than complex, oh here we go and fall again, in love,

and then out, forever.   
Wayne Russell


Wayne Russell is a creative writer and amateur photographer that was born and raised in Florida, in March 2016 he founded the online underground lit zine called Degenerate Literature. DL can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and at their website at the following link.


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