Exalted Deities

Exalted Deities 

We were mightily proficient

At placing, yes exalting

Deities so false, to thrones

In the courtyards of our lives

Paying their exorbitant taxes

With our very bones,

Until they rusted

Motionless and defrocked...!

Relics and ruins

Lay in abundant clusters

Along the timeline 

Of our scattered distractions

I gave them everything I could

But not a sound was heard

From there creaking 

Motionless joints

I stroll around to view

Seeing only emptiness

Evidence of eternal silence

My ears and heart pierced 

I gave every breath 

To something 

That never had life

My energies waning

My youth all but gone

Now I gather in prospective

Which cost me dearly

But now......

My tomorrow's journey

Awaits me

I'm traveling different now

Packed with newfound wisdom.

 James Bouthiller

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