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I am a crack and I appear when I am least expected. All it usually takes is a little gap, a fissure, a rupture for me to appear. Then, all falls into place, except for the rare case when someone is so eager to avoid me that they are in a rush to start repairs. This is not necessarily bad, except if someone is so used to darkness, that even the slightest traces of light cause great damage.

She hadn’t eaten anything for five days. She had barely drunk some drops of water. On the first day, he didn’t take her seriously. Next day, he started to worry. This didn’t seem like a simple diet. Did she suffer from a rare form of acute anorexia? Was she sick? When she explained the reasons, he was even more worried.

 I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

If they can handle it, I can.”

Not all of them handle it. Most of them die.”

Then I’ll die too.”

Little by little, he lost his patience. He tried to decode the symptom, to explain her antics, but he missed the point. I was the point. Not all people can see the crack, especially when I’m still small. Only the most sensitive eyes, the most sensitive of souls can see the light, gliding through.

Stay with me.”

Don’t make it more difficult.”

I can’t live without this,” he said, showing her heart.

Without what?”

The treasure you hide.”

How do you see it then?”

“It is transparent to my eyes.”

She smiled. He held her tight. That was a precious smile. She didn’t have the strength, he didn’t have the knowledge. So, I kept on existing and expanding. This is not strange; if you’re a crack, you wish to expand.

He tried reasoning. He tried his most powerful weapon, numbers, only to realize it was useless in this case. She wasn’t interested in numbers and statistics. She had studied them for long, but nothing remained imprinted in her brain. She might have exhausted her ability to memorize during her younger years, when she had to learn words and numbers by heart, which resulted in useless, forgotten information occupying every corner of her brain. What truly counted was the big picture. And that big picture indicated she had no right to eat, when there was even one person on the planet who could not afford food. The light from the crack was wedged into her thought like a bullet and soon transformed into obsession. 

Do you see the crack up there?” she asked, staring at me. All he had seen was the crack in her heart. All he had felt was his beloved cracking inside.

The scant light that had pierced into the room caught his eye. He wasn’t the kind of man that tolerated cracks, yet it was already too late. When she approached, before she even had the time to touch me, I decided to take over. She felt she was getting lighter by the minute, light as a summer breeze. She slipped through the little opening, effortlessly, like a drop of water finds its way on a textured surface, like smoke creeps easily though doors and windows not secured tight enough. When she opened up her eyes, the light was blinding. She had to blink several times, before she could face the radiance of the place.

This is my purpose and the purpose of every crack. To indicate another view to reality, unseen under normal circumstances. Some see me as a flaw that needs to be fixed, others are blinded by the beauty they meet. Some strong eyes adjust soon enough to enjoy the view. I might seem like crossroads, if you have to compare me with something. There is a choice of going back, looking the other way. There are the sideways of delusions, while ahead lies the difficult, yet the most rewarding road to the truth. Some even fail to choose a path and drift away. The perks of being a crack include the joy of watching people choose, once the light sneaks in.

 She landed on a strange place, where all her dreams lied entangled ahead of her, yet she recognized them at first glance. Dreams she had in her sleep and dreams accompanying her soul every day. through her wakening yours. All dreams are made of the same material and do not stand out according to the level of consciousness. Happy people around, shiny as sunbeams.

She looked around. She only saw happiness.

I’ll stay,” she thought to herself, embracing the light I had offered her. 

Mileva Anastasiadou


Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist, living and working in Athens, Greece. Her work can be found in many journals and anthologies, such as the Molotov Cocktail, Maudlin house, Menacing Hedge, Midnight Circus, Big Echo:Critical SF, Jellyfish Review, Asymmetry Fiction and others. She has published two books in Greek and a collection of short stories in English (Once Upon a Dystopia by Cosmic Teapot Publication).

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