Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened


Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened


Singing meadows burst forth
into angelic hymns of a neon

sign honey-pot which dreams of the cosmos

Silent whispers of magnetic
dreams whisk into my melon dew ears

while whisking away the night-tide corrosion

Milk and honey relax on the balcony
of effervescent light while soaking

in bloom-shine focus in a sack of daisies

Beautiful Dragonflies soar
into view as the purring oak
speaks its morning hello

Serendipitous melancholy of an open

tulip opens into resplendent


kisses of a butterfly
flutter onto my cherubic face

Niagra-filled waters
fill my empty basin
of understanding


Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is an internationally published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover who identifies as Queer and is neurodivergent. He is Founder, Owner, and editor in chief of Madness Muse Press. He has had poetry published hundreds of times in several languages, along with 2 full collections and 3 chapbooks

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