The Dark Feast

The Dark Feast 

Dreams clash through my wonderland
I am alone
Set face to face with the chilling nightmarish visions
That escape their bounds and lay waste to my tortured mind
The wind howls in protest
As these fiends ravage her currents on tainted wings
Their eyes scanning the solitude
Soliciting response from my over-wrought imagination
Here are my fears come to life from mine own breath
Sewing their seeds of my death
As torrents of soured water crush the floodgates
To bring forth new obscenities to my unending night
My pleadings fall impudent and futile on their deafened ears
As the rebellion sets fire to this once peaceful sanctuary
My marble statues are blackened and beheaded
My gardens trampled and torn
Bedraggled and worn
I weep for the morn
When the ravaging rabble might cease
But dawn is far from coming.  

Bonnie  Morawa 

Bonnie has always loved writing. Even as a young child.  My favorite assignments were book  reports and creative writing.  I like to spend my time with family and friends traveling, swimming, snorkeling. I come from a large Polish family. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  Now living in Monroe, Michigan. I spend time with my younger sister and 5 nephews, many aunts, uncles, mother Darlene, Dad Kenny.  We get together regular for family meals, games. I enjoy all things outdoors, and volunteering my time at our churches food pantry.  

my email   is goodwitch8@

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